Tokio Restaurant Bar


Tokio Restaurant Bar is a landmark of Japanese gastronomic and Well Being Experience in Cyprus. A must-visit destination that perfectly combines hospitality and entertainment concepts, all with a focus on impeccable service, personal attention, innovation and outstanding professionalism.

With respect to the authentic Japanese gastronomy and culture, Tokio Restaurant Bar has lifted the traditional Japanese gastronomic experience to a whole new level of sophistication and luxury! From the moment one steps into the courtyard he is instantly tempted by the intriguing scents and sounds of Japan, by the lavish decorative details and unique architectural style reflecting the beauty and grace of a bygone era. The courtyard contains a special area, where you may be seated alongside the teppanyaki grill table and have the opportunity to see the meal being cooked before your eyes. As if entering a prestigious ancient temple esteemed guests are welcomed to tantalize their palates with various Japanese textures, a wide selection of sushi and traditional food from the opulent menu.

Besides the luscious journey to the flavors of Japan, guests can also arrange their business meetings, as well as lunches, in an elegant yet restful environment. The Bar at the first floor, features an open space area with 2 private balcony rooms. It is a contemporary blend of luxury with Japanese styling and exclusive comfort, suitable for delicious evening cocktails and platters with friends or for celebrating special occasions and private parties.

Tokio Restaurant Bar combines in one phenomenal place the finest flavors from the Japanese cuisine and the highest standards of premium quality service and entertainment.