Prestige Publications


Prestige Publications offers a series of innovative media projects presented through separate exquisitely designed luxury glossy editions.

STATUS and LEGACY magazines are prime examples of our exclusive work. 

Each issue of STATUS opens the world of luxury lifestyle and pleasures, while LEGACY serves to act as a contemporary mouthpiece for the foremost intelligence thought platforms by providing an independent forum for political, economic and social discourses.

STATUS was a successful luxury and lifestyle publication, created by an international team of experienced professionals, which delivered content of relevance to its discerning readers, who appreciated the ‘life of luxury’ and the best life has to offer, such as major luxury retailers and elite VIP services, luxury items, expensive gadgets, technology trends, recreation and entertainment, culture and the arts, haute couture and prêt-a-porter. The magazine content included global topics of interest such as civilizations, international and local destinations, as well as local and global happenings and cultural events.

STATUS magazine was highly targeted demographics designed to reach the high-end local and international market. Through a research driven, “benchmark” system of circulation and carefully created network distribution concept, Status magazine achieved and maintained the largest market share in the luxury services and in intelligence and development publications industry and recognized as the most credible advertising market source of these related industries both on local and international level.