Prestige Investments


Prestige Investments is an international investment & professional services network which assists investors looking for new opportunities (from established companies and idea-stage startups to real estate opportunities and cross-sector investment) and provides comprehensive upscale
range of services to its customers such as legal consulting and strategic and risk/return assessments.

We help you develop a strategy to manage your portfolio in ways that can reduce your risk and increase your investment success. Our community is global and we pride in a global network of professional associates, thus offering a diverse range of alternative investment options.
The flow of foreign direct investment to Cyprus has provided a new dynamic for Prestige Investments, since many of our clients seek complete solutions for investment and relocation; our complete offering means that we offer INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS: from property or product investment options to family relocation and locating initial opportunities and accessing a wide network of actors to develop valuable contacts.

Our team of our researchers and expert consultants locates the right investment property that best suits your needs. By providing you with the best market and product knowledge, you can make better choices. Due to the experience of our parent company Arto Estates, a real estate licensed agency with a rich investment and property portfolio, established 30 years ago in the local market, and the close cooperation with real estate partners, Prestige Investments’ expertise is the luxury residential real estate market all over Cyprus and especially in the boroughs of Limassol and its best areas offering the best properties in the newest and most attractive projects.

Achieving your investment objectives is our primary goal. At Prestige Investments, we maintain a portfolio of innovative ready-for-market products and of idea-stage innovative startups. Our team of experts and network of investment associates uses risk /return assessments to make sure that your
investment will have a solid return. We are focused on facilitating partnerships across sectors; therefore we have established strong relationships with a number of sector leaders and key members.

We look at potential investments from every angle to minimize risk and ultimately help you achieve your investment objectives!