Prestige Group


The Prestige Group is founded in March 2011, with firm foundations that had already been established over two decades by its parent companies, Arto Estates and Prestige Car Rentals. The group’s divisions are comprised of the Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar, Prestige Investments, Prestige Publications, Unite Securite and Prestige Fights.

The group has rapidly evolved over the past years and has successfully established itself as a pioneer and leader in the luxury services market. The rapid growth and solid development of the organization is primarily attributed to the building and strengthening of local and global partnerships, as well as to the continual increase of high-net worth and corporate clientele.

With an impressive database of many affluent professionals and well-connected people, the natural progression is to enhance the top-level networking which has already been taking place and to nurture it amongst those at the high end of the market and to especially strengthen ties between Cyprus and Russia – the homeland of so many of their clients, who seek the provision of luxury services.