As part of it’s annual corporate responsibility programme, the Prestige Group supports Breast Health Day 2018 and embraces the message “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health”. 

Prestige Group joins the #BHD2018 awareness campaign “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health” and the women of the Group joined their power to spread the message. Our target is to raise awareness for the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being breast aware. This combination can save lives.

EUROPA DONNA holds Breast Health Day on 15 October to inform women of all ages that lifestyle factors play an important role in the prevention and recurrence of breast cancer as well as the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Studies

from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have shown that a third of all breast cancer cases can be prevented in Europe by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That would mean that 163,000 of the 494,000 new cases of breast cancer each year in Europe could be prevented.

Being active, eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a normal body weight are important lifestyle choices for breast health. The 2018 Breast Health Day campaign “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health” will continue to remind women that engaging in physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and eating a healthy diet can help protect their breast health.

Prestige Group is a strong advocate of women’s health and promotes a healthy lifestyle in all its endeavors, values embedded deeply into the Group’s brand philosophy and messaging. As an active supporter of social initiatives, Prestige Group consistently supports corporate social responsibility actions, aiming to improve our lives and the society we live in.

To find out more about Breast Health Day, visit

The photo shooting took place at Tokio Restaurant Bar’s gardens in Limassol ( and the healthy menu was inspired by chef Christos Isaias, who is in charge of the Prestige team’s daily healthy food choices. The Chloe Flowerboxes (CHLOE • by L’ATELIER KONTOR 202) with Baby Pink Infinity Roses, were provided by KONTOR 202 (

PRESTIGE GROUP October 2018.




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