At the Prestige Group we knew from the very beginning that all our efforts shouldn’t be focused in just building a brand name;  but creating a lifestyle. We realized that sales ceremony should be connected to our vision and mission and that our team should  spend enough time building connections and exploring the real needs of our customers and at the same time we tried to adjust and evolve. It is this exact continuous process of understanding and evolving that kept the channels of communication open with our target group. It’s this exact inner process that resulted the loyalty to our brand.

We “hear” your needs and we adjust and we reinvent ourselves again and again so that we keep the promise of uncompromising quality. We reinvented luxury; offering top quality services and professional personnel. We are upgrading our fleet and cooperations every year, so that we include new technologies and upgraded safe products.

We embraced the latest blockchain technology and accepted bitcoin as an alternative payment method for all our services! As a game-changer and in the outlook for new and exciting ways to enrich our services and products, we are constantly investing in technology and exploring new ways to keep our sophisticated clientele satisfied and engaged!

“We have included new services because your needs changed and you are our priority.” Our customers are the center of what we do, what we offer. We don’t just rent cars. We don’t just rent yachts and jets. We don’t just provide catering upon request. We do all that and we do more than that by offering unforgettable experiences. We put our heart in every step of the process and we participate in community projects to hear all the voices louder. We want to be part of our community and to give back to the society, that is why we are fully committed to specific charity projects and csr campaigns throughout the year.

This year, the Prestige VIP Services focused in the family.

One of the biggest problems of modern families is time and its management on a daily basis. Parents with kids at school age, spend infinite hours driving them around, from school to extra curricula activities to afternoon classes and anywhere they need to go. Especially for parents who  work during the afternoons, time is very limited and they often rely on the availability of other parents, family or friends for the transfer of their children.

And that is how we initiated the “Exclusive Kids Transfers” by Prestige where we offer safe transfers, always based on the premium service quality which rests upon trust, the adherence to the strictest guidelines and the invaluable experience of our drivers. In an age where there is great concern as regards to the safety of our children, Prestige VIP Services comes to offer maximum reliability and ultimate safety.

We understand that people value experiences and we are here to give them special memories connected to all Prestige VIP Services and products. 



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