Prestige VIP Services and Volvo presented with huge success: BLUE CARPET EVENT: Luxury Reinvented” a few weeks ago in Limassol, Cyprus. 


“We have the energy & passion in and around the Prestige Group to achieve our plans. We keep providing our exclusive customers with new experiences & world class services & try to elevate the level every time. Heartfelt appreciation to the people that believed in our vision and are next to us all the way” E.S.

Leading the path of life’s greatest luxuries as a premium provider of high-end corporate and luxury services, Prestige VIP Services organized with great success its “Blue Carpet” event at Santa Irene venue in Limassol. The event presented a conceptual experience which showcased the company’s upgraded car fleet and new available experiences.

The Prestige Case By Cyprus Times, August 2018

 “Blue Carpet” was co-organised with
Volvo Cyprus, a trusted associate of Prestige VIP Services, which shares a similar vision with the entire Prestige Group and enjoys a long-term cooperation, past and future. The spectacular event’s MC was Mrs. Valentina Prastiti who is the COO of Prestige Group.

Blue Carpet Event was covered by all local media and was attended by more than 150 selected guests representing the best of the local industry in tourism, the services sector, foreign investment as well as trusted friends and associates of Prestige VIP Services. The event was designed to perfection with great audio-visual material being presented, and which further reinforced the message that Prestige VIP Services is a game-changer in the VIP services sector in general.

Blue Carpet Event was supported by respectable companies and leaders in their respective fields, which collectively  helped put the event together.

The Prestige Group organizes a breadth of dashing corporate & social events, while offering the highest level of service to its premium guests. We have been successfully organized several events such as sports events, fashion shows, gala dinners, corporate parties, press conferences, fundraising events, red carpet events etc, creating memorable experiences that exceed expectations & outlast time.

For more information on our upgraded Prestige VIP Services car fleet as well as the holistic luxury experience one can enjoy through Prestige  (yacht and jet charters, chauffeur services, airport transports, organized tours, on-board and off-board catering), you may contact us directly at +357 25 322055 or email us at

“Prestige Group – Luxury Reinvented!

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