We have been watching the last days photos & videos from the worst fire Greece has experienced in over a decade. Firefighters and volunteers have been fighting with the wildfires to rescue whatever could be saved.

As an immediate reaction to the tragedy, thousands of people, companies, governments, football teams etc. united and tried in every possible way to help. The fundraising activities for donation of essential relief items, blood donations and free accommodation was so inspiring. And this gave us hope. We could actually see some light through the darkness. We could feel the love.

Individuals, companies, friends, families, philanthropists, old people, young people, people of all nationalities teamed up to help their “brothers”. And then our office was filled up with so many bags and big cartons, because of YOU. Because of all of you! We are all so touched by the kindness and good will of so many strangers that were united for a good cause.

You proved that there is still humanity out there. You proved that there is still some hope.

Don’t lose your faith.

#PrayForGreece #PrayForHumanity

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