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Feel free to read an exclusive interview for Successful Business Magazine, April Issue 2018 at the link below.

Highlights of the interview:

“Tell us about your business- what is its most important aspect?
The Prestige Group has rapidly evolved over the past years and has successfully established itself as a pioneer and leader in the luxury services market. The rapid growth and solid development is attributed to the building and strengthening of local and global partnerships and the continual increase of high-net worth and corporate clientele. The Prestige Group’s divisions are comprised of the Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar, Prestige Investments, Prestige Publications and Prestige VIP Events & Services / PrestigeFights. In all its activities, the Group has positioned itself as an essential resource for anyone seeking world-class services geared to a sophisticated clientele. Leading the path of life’s greatest luxuries the Prestige Group is a premium provider of high-end corporate and luxury services for the connoisseurs of life who wish to set sail on a private yacht to the depths of the sea, hire a private jet to reach for the sky, arrive in style to any special occasion with a chauffeured luxury car and socialize with a piece of mind by making use of the outstanding security services provided. We provides comprehensive upscale range of services to our customers such as legal & property consulting with expertise in the luxury residential Real Estate market all over Cyprus. We have an exceptional and multilingual team that has a clear mission: “Uncompromising Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Integrity”.

Why Limassol and why Cyprus?
Limassol is a metropolis of investment and of a global lifestyle, attracting citizens of the world both for business and pleasure. It has developed really fast during the last years, offering great investment opportunities; its prime location, its safe environment, the luxury professional services offered, its position as Cyprus’s main harbour city, its tourism tradition and the latest construction and real estate boom, make Limassol ideal for business, families and opportunity seekers. Cyprus is an international business centre and has concluded double taxation treaties with many countries, while at the same time offering competitive corporate services such as a low corporate tax regime and skilled human capital. Plus, “Cyprus citizenship by Investment” ranks among the top ten investment programs in the world. “

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