“Welcome to a landmark of Japanese Gastronomic and Well Being Experience in Cyprus. A must-visit destination that perfectly combines hospitality and entertainment concepts.”

Tokio Restaurant Bar builds restaurant, nightlife and daylife concepts, all with a focus on impeccable service, design, innovation, efficiency and professionalism; therefore providing an experience that exceeds the expectations of customers on every visit and makes them want to come back again. Tokio Restaurant & Bar combines two venues in one phenomenal place: Tokio Restaurant and Tokio Bar.


“Live the full experience of exquisite taste under the roof of an architectural masterpiece.”

From the remarkable Japanese architecture to the exceptional décor, the unique atmosphere, the upscale Japanese cuisine and the high-end quality of service, Tokio Restaurant has been established as one of the most exceptional restaurants in Limassol, Cyprus.


The elegant and traditional Japanese style, the wall engraved representations of samurai warriors and the exotic geisha stimulate the imagination of the guests conveying them to the beauty of a bygone era. With respect to the authentic Japanese gastronomy and culture, Tokio Restaurant has lifted the traditional Japanese gastronomic experience to a whole new level of sophistication and luxury. As if entering a prestigious ancient temple esteemed guests are welcomed to tantalize their palates with various Japanese textures, a wide selection of Japanese specialties, traditional food and signature dishes from the opulent menu as well as exquisite sushi.

Visiting Tokio Restaurant for dinner is always an extraordinary experience, as the tasting journey can captivate even the most discerning palate.

  • LUNCH 

It is not only a great destination for dinner, but also an ideal venue to enjoy authentic Japanese textures and flavors during lunch time. Whether it is a relaxing break, a professional meeting or a special lunch with your family and friends, the well trained staff will take you on a journey of delicate taste. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12:00 until 16:00.



From the moment one steps into the courtyard of Tokio Restaurant he is instantly tempted by the intriguing scents and sounds of Japan, by the lavish decorative details and unique architectural style reflecting the beauty and grace of Japan.

It is a gorgeous outside seating area that will definitely help you relax during spring and summer time, while enjoying special Japanese dishes and a great selection of shisha. The setting is peaceful and serene with a pure reflection of Japanese tradition and culture, promoting various levels of intimacy; from a party of 2 to a party of 20 or even to a private party of 100.


The courtyard of Tokio Restaurant contains a special area for teppanyaki, an ancient Japanese cooking technique which is performed as a culinary art form. During spring and summer time, you can enjoy a seat alongside the teppanyaki grill table, where you shall have the opportunity to see the meal being cooked before your eyes, whilst being entertained by your personal, highly skilled chef. If you want, you can reserve the entire teppanyaki table for private dining.


“Treat your senses to a premium experience.”

Tokio Restaurant Bar offers one of the most unique bars in Limassol enamoring guests to continue their night after their meal. Taking nightlife in Cyprus to the next level, Tokio Bar with its sophisticated atmosphere and elegant interior design made of the finest material and exclusive art-deco balancing the authentic Japanese style with the modern era, is brilliantly orchestrated with color coordinated lighting and high quality sound systems that echo the philosophy of modern luxury.

Situated on the 1st floor, Tokio Bar allows its elite guests to experience the seductive ambiance and vibrant vibes with special apéritifs, sake and plum wines, tasteful blends and signature cocktails for one of a kind occasions and unique celebrations. The bar is able to seat around 300 patrons comfortably.


For more information contact us at 25 321313 or visit www.tokiocy.com 

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