The group’s divisions are comprised of the Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar, Prestige Investments, Prestige VIP Events, Prestige Publications and Prestige Fights.

The group has rapidly evolved over the past years and has successfully established itself as a pioneer and leader in the luxury services market. The rapid growth and solid development of the organization is primarily attributed to the building and strengthening of local and global partnerships, as well as to the continual increase of high end individuals and corporate clientele.

As a pioneer and leader in the car rental market of Cyprus for over 25 years, we offer our clients access to world class luxury and super cars.

Prestige Investments provides comprehensive upscale range of services to its customers such as legal consulting, property consulting, interior design, staging and renovation services.

Prestige Fights is the first and only professional company at fight sports in Cyprus, which organizes unique and unprecedented events!

Tokio Restaurant Bar is a landmark of Japanese gastronomic and Well Being Experience in Cyprus. A must-visit destination that perfectly combines hospitality and entertainment concepts, all with a focus on impeccable service, personal attention, innovation and outstanding professionalism!

From its very inception, the vision for the PRESTIGE GROUP has been to become a leader in the corporate and luxury services market, by adhering to our corporate mission of uncompromising quality and integrity in all our business practices!

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