Unite Securité , under the umbrella of the Prestige Group will be supporting the noble actions of Cyprus Association “One Dream One Wish” , who has the mission of helping cancer affected children & their families. We urge you to support this worthy cause and find out all about their mission at http://www.enaoniromiaefxi.com/enaoniromiaefxi/

*The Association focuses its activities on three main pillars: the fulfillment of the wishes of cancer affected children, the economic support of their families and the psychological support of the children and members of their immediate environment.

Unite Wish

At Unite Securité we have set the task of ensuring safety of lives and properties but we are also committed to a mission of supporting and enhancing in any way we can noble actions of social contribution!

Unite Wish will be initiating various actions during the upcoming weeks so keep an eye at our news and activities at our official website www.unitesecurite.com or our facebook page at Unite Securite Official Facebook Page

For more information you may contact us at 70004433.

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