During the press conference, held on the 04/02/2015, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Prestige Apollon Volleyball, under the umbrella of the Prestige Group, presented its successful cooperation with Geraklion Organisation.

Geraklion is a non-profit organisation, which promotes the Cross-fit sport, whilst pioneering in this field, as well as in the field of medical sports.

The President of the non-profit organisation Geraklion, Mr.Sergey Eremin, who visited Cyprus from Russia for the purposes of this event, attended together with the President and members of the Board of Prestige Apollon, the Prestige Apollon coach, the team players as well as the representative of Geraklion in Cyprus.

The on-going relations, as well as the existing cooperation between the Prestige Group and Geraklion, were further strengthened, primarily as the announcement of Geraklion as a major sponsor of the team, as well as through the signing of an agreement that the two organisations, would further develop their endeavours into other areas.

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