Tokio Restaurant Bar – An Architectural Masterpiece!

Status Magazine Review by Sonia Kilvington, Status Issue 15.

The idea of modernity is respecting tradition but adding up to date features.

Tokio, the new Japanese restaurant and lounge bar in Limassol, powered by Prestige Group, offers its fashionable clientele a new era of a sophisticated dining and advanced entertaining in Cyprus, with its unique fusion of traditional Japanese culture and modern European comfort and style.


Visiting Tokio for the first time; the experience begins in true Japanese style as you are warmly welcomed by graceful Geishas, dressed in traditionally embroidered electric blue kimono robes, through the “gate to heaven”, a decorative arch similar in design to those seen at the prestigious temples of ancient Japan. Upon entering the courtyard, there is a discernable atmosphere of calm and enchantment, especially in the designer dining area, which is shaded with exotic bonsai and bamboo.

The exterior of Tokio has some superb handcrafted design features; the roof has special carved wooden beams, which have been joined using a traditional Japanese tying method and is adorned with decorative Japanese ceramics. The courtyard contains a special area for teppanyaki, an ancient Japanese cooking technique which is performed as a culinary art form.

“We want our guests to leave believing we respectfully and joyfully represented Japan” reveal the owners, who worked hard at materializing this innovative project they had envisioned many months ago.


The Tea Garden

As well as an impressive outdoor dining area, there is, in keeping with ancient Japanese tradition, an impressive tea garden which specializes in 12 different varieties of tea, including several types of green tea and most notably, the very special Matcha tea, which is served in the traditional Japanese style. The selection also includes Zhu Bao, a delicious white tea as well as Blue Earl Grey and a selection of fruit flavored teas. The Japanese Tea Garden is unique in Cyprus, with an ambience highly reminiscent of the tea ceremonies performed by the geisha in the houses of the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan.

Restaurant Dining

Take a step through the impressive and elegant entrance to the main restaurant and you will find many stylistic elements which can transport your imagination to a very different era and culture. Apparent at first glance is the cohesion of the design, following simple but classic Japanese lines, the restaurants’ ambience is of the classic Japanese styling, with highlights of opulent European luxury. Integral to the design and enhancement of the restaurant there is an impressive live lobster and oyster bar with a superior selection of fresh fish.

Tokio Restaurant Bar

The main dining area is gracefully sectioned with an engaging and conceptually shaped fish tank, which allows a certain amount of privacy while allowing the light to flow perfectly throughout the entire ground floor. The blinds and special prints on the walls evoke a long lost age of the samurai warriors and exotic geisha. Every design detail has been executed beautifully and is impressive in its unity of style; for example the wooden table tops of the dining area appear deceptively simple in design, but look a little closer, and the birch wood they are made from is very exotic; it is harvested from trees grown in a single area of the world, on the border of Siberia and China.
No design detail is small to be appreciated at Tokio Restaurant Bar!


Tokio Specialties

The restaurant boasts an authentic Japanese chef and the dining menu offers a varied selection from traditional teriyaki, cooked and served at the customers table, to an exclusive Tokio specialties, which have been lovingly crafted and devolved especially for the Tokios’ discerning diners. The specialties menu offers delicious dishes, such as Seafood Kaminabe, a dish of prawns, scallops and salmon served in a traditional Japanese paper hotpot, and Ebi Houbayaki, a dish of king prawns served on a mini Japanese barbeque grill.

Tokio Restaurant Bar

There are also many exciting sushi combination platters to choose and share. The menu encompasses a full range of dishes, including soups and deserts, prepared with all of the Japanese style and eloquence, you would expect from a prestigious, specialised restaurant. Chef Stephanos Stephanou excels in drawing the quintessence of flavor from each and every dish. The result is a riot of texture and a taste that lingers long after the dish has disappeared.

The Lounge Bar

The upstairs lounge bar is stunning, with its modern, exclusive comfort and style as well as more private entertaining areas. The lounge bar is a contemporary blend of luxury with Japanese styling, suitable for sophisticated evening drinks with friends or celebrating special occasions.
At night the ambience is of a very modern and cool, Japanese bar, echoing the sophistication of downtown Tokyo.

The doors of the bar open onto two very attractive terraces, with either city skyline or secluded garden views. The sound systems are of the highest quality, with an exciting selection of contemporary music to enjoy in a glamorous atmosphere created by the carefully colour coordinated lighting.

tokio bar

There is an exclusive sushi bar for appetizers and an extensive selection of traditional Sake, plum wines and whiskies. Why not experience the special themed cocktail range, intriguingly named geisha and samurai?

Exclusive Entertaining

The Lounge bar contains a specially designed, exclusive group seating area as well several rooms which are completely self-contained, the largest of which, can comfortably seat 8 people and can be used for private conferences and dinning. These private rooms have their own, individual lighting systems, music and personal service for special VIP customers.
The service is impeccable and the room is quietly impressive, leaving you with a feeling of restaurant opulence and the gentle well-fed chatter of guests enjoying their time and meal.

private dining

Tokio Restaurant Bar, 80 Amathus Avenue, 4532 Limassol, Cyprus, +357 25 321313
Tokio Restaurant Bar Official Facebook Page

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