Dear friends,
I am very pleased to announce that Tokio Restaurant Bar has officially opened its doors to the public. The opening ceremony was held in the honorary presence of his holiness,
the Archbishop Chrysostomos the second.

The representative of the media office of the local police headquarters, as well as distinguished entrepreneurs from the corporate world were amongst the invited guests, who attended.

I extend my feelings of appreciation to my two partners, for their on-going inspiration and support and to the entire Tokio team members who have dedicated all their time and efforts to help materialise this innovative project.

I would further like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to his holiness, Archbishop Chrysostomos the Second, for supporting the endeavours of young entrepreneurs of our nation, during these times of national economic turbulence and for his kind words of encouragement and praise.

I would lastly like to thank the media for promoting the development of such projects and for contributing towards conveying messages of positive national development on both an economic and political level.

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