Geographically, Cyprus is located at a crossroad between Europe, Africa and Asia. Hence it is at the centre of a highly accredited region for the interests of all the global powers, mainly targeting at trade and energy. In addition, the findings of significant natural gas resources, even oil, in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) places a higher geopolitical value in Cyprus. It is unfortunate that the Republic of Cyprus is experiencing an economic crisis, mainly due to the broader crisis and as of recently, to the outbreak of the banking crisis, as a result of the Eurogroup meeting outcome in March 2013, which inadvertently further affects the entire region of the South of Europe. Despite these recent developments, it still forms a vital centre for business transactions,

both because of its geographical location, but also due to the advanced and high level infrastructure and services, such as the ports, the road network, the telecommunications and the legal framework. What is more, despite the bank sector’s issues due to the crisis and the reform measures which have been applied, it is important to notice that the Republic of Cyprus maintains one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. Personally, I have chosen to keep my business activities in Cyprus, because I believe in all the aforementioned issues and because I firmly support that through the crisis, Cyprus can rise to the occasion and turn “its crash into cash” by becoming a play field of excellent business opportunities.

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