In 1974, pleading the coup d’état for the ouster of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, but also its status as a guarantor power, Turkey proceeded to a military invasion into the island. Since then, it has illegally occupied 37% of Cyprus land. Through military and diplomatic movements, the Turkish Cypriot population has moved into those areas, while hundreds of thousands of illegal settlers from Turkey have settled into the homes of the Greek Cypriots who had been forced out of their properties. Within the zone of the occupied area, in 1983, a secessionist “state” entity, the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” was established. This illegal entity remains unrecognized by every country in the world except for Turkey, for it is a product of violence and illegitimacy at the expense of the Cypriot people. Through resolutions and decisions, both the United Nations Organisation and the European Court of Human Rights have described Turkey as responsible for the division of Cyprus, calling it to withdraw its armed forces that it has since maintained on the island. Several attempts have been made for the reunification of the Republic of Cyprus, which are yet hampered by Turkey’s refusal to accept the return of the status quo ante and its persistence for an after solution recognition of the illegal secessionist entity. I personally believe in the need of finding a fair and viable solution of the Cyprus problem; a solution which should requisite the withdrawal of the Turkish invading army, the return of all refugees into their homes, the restoration of human rights and the basic freedoms in Cyprus, but also the establishment of a functional state. Still, for this to become feasible, Turkey must cease to pursue hegemony over Cyprus and to accept the Republic of Cyprus as an equal partner. The fact that Turkey wishes to join the European Union while at the same time not recognising an internationally recognised member state of the Union, the Republic of Cyprus, is characteristic of the country’s political stance.

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