The Republic of Cyprus’s fellow members in the European Union (EU), in which Cyprus has been a full member since 2004, have treated the country in an exceptionally cruel way during the examination of its request for financial assistance from the European Support Mechanism. Hence that behaviour has caused an intense reaction by the Cypriot people, while it has also received negative publicity by the international press.

On the one hand, the political authorities of the country, but also the administrations of the Cypriot commercial banks and the Central Bank have all played a part in contributing to the deteriorating national state condition too. Nonetheless, being a member of the EU should in effect bring about more positive measures for a country rather than negative ones. Cyprus remains a member of the Eurozone and the common European currency, whilst also being a member of the common European market. Moreover, the Country applies the community acquis at a very satisfactory level, which confers prestige and high quality in the provision of services and in general on the institutional framework of the Republic of Cyprus. With the appropriate political settings and statutory improvements in the framework of the EU, Cyprus can function even better, while continuing to boost and improve all its sectors.

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